About us

MakeSpace Architects was founded in 2020 by partners Naina Reddy and Rajat Sanghvi. Both after graduating from Architectural Association school of Architecture and working in London for a while, came up with an idea to start a studio in India which is experimental in its own way, practicing Architecture, Interior design, and Urban design.
At Makespace architects the design approach is end-to-end, and each solution provided is a culmination of research-based design. We at MakeSpace Architects believe that a combination of Architectural contextualization and scientific innovations can lead us to unbox the stereotypical approach towards architecture. Understanding user needs, context, and materiality through a systematic process of conceptualization, schematic design, and design development, helps us provide with most efficient and experiential spaces. We believe in Minimalism – “less is more “and strong use of materiality to define our projects.
Our guiding philosophy inspires to learn about all the design cultures, local and globally- local context which can impact the design and hence we do not have a set of cultural inspiration. Every project with its cultural context inspires and motivates us in the same manner. We believe in creating every project with its own language, which entails the description of semiology. The studio propagates the idea of treating every project as unique and bespoke. All the projects are resultant of a team effort rather than individual opinions. Thus, creating an environment of positive questioning, towards the anomaly of architecture.

Our Team

Rajat Sanghvi

Rajat Sanghvi is a graduate student from Architectural Association school of Architecture, London with his M.Arch degree of AA Design Research Lab (AADRL) and a Bachelors Architecture degree from Pune University.
He worked in Patrick Schumacher Studio with Zaha Hadid Architects, London focusing on semiological architecture and urban planning. Gained Town planning experience while working as an Urban Designer for Architect Hafeez Contractor in Mumbai, for the project of Amaravati the new capital city in association with Fosters and partners London.During his design research study, the projects focused on “agent-based parametric semiology”, which helped me positing the idea that the social functionality of the built environment depends on its communicative capacity as a Semiological encoded field that informs and instructs social actors and thereby coordinates social processes.

Naina Reddy

Naina Reddy is an Architect and an Urbanist, with 2 years of Housing and Urbanism Design and Research study from Architectural School of Architecture, London and 5 years of Architecture Design study) from Pune University.Naina’s design research enabled her to understand and address the complexities of urban transformation to become a stronger professional. While design learning and investigation, it helped her deepen practicalities shaping change in today’s cities. Working across scales – from detailed plans of contemporary housing to the mobility infrastructure of the regional metropolis – which further helped her in the positive transformation of urban areas, through a range of urban forces, trends and ideas.